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    Sulphur Lumps with 99.9% Purity


    Sulphur lumps are bright yellow products which are widely used in manufacturing of plastic, detergent, explosives etc. They are found in vulcanized regions and also can be produced through hydrodesulfurization. We provide the high quality sulphur lumps with different sized packing as per the requirement. They possess 99% purity and are light weighted. We can also provide the customized compositions.

    Purity: 99.5 to 99. 9 %
    DETERMINATION Unit Observations
    Appearance Bright Yellow
    Organic Matter (Carbon) % 0.15 Maximum
    Richness expressed in S % 99.5 Minimum
    Ash Content % 0.30 Maximum
    Acidity % 0.15 Maximum
    Moisture % 0.50 Maximum
    Packing Bulk

    Technical Data Sheet

    The large quantity of sulphur is transported around the global market in solid form. Sulphur is often stored in the open stack either indoor or outdoor, from where it's loaded to ships/railcars/plant sites etc. When stored in indoor stores, some protection from rain, dust, wind are provide to sulfur. But in outdoor storage it's exposed to all these items.

    Bulk sulfur is found of irregular shape and sharp edges. It is produced by crushing the large pieces of sulfur.

    Solid elemental sulphur is not easy to handle and transport due to its properties. Sulphur industries have made numerous considerable efforts over the years to make this regular sized particles so that excessive amount of dust can be avoided.

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